Monday, March 23, 2009

A ZIPPERED Pillow.... I have done the pillows where the two panels in the back overlap...and you can slide the pillows in & out. This design makes for an EASY time washing when the "design" pillow covering gets dirty. BUT -'s the "zippered" pillow treatment. And yes, "zippered" just officially became a word. Like...right now! :) One Pretty Thing posted this pillow tutorial found here. Enjoy!


Kajsa Deigh said...

this is awesome, i have actually been thinking i want to make my own pillow cases for my couch to kinda liven it up and cuz my mom and i have the EXACT same couches and they came with the same pillows. thanks!!!!

Melissa said...

so, it was fun sittin next to you at lunch today!
good luck on your "trial" tomorrow...especially trudging in the snow!