Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ripped Jeans...Be GONE!!

I love the style of ripped jeans....yep, I am one of those! I have only bought one pair of jeans with the holes already in it....and the rest....they were worn in naturally!! My parents & my adorable favorite aunt would always ROLL their eyes when they saw me wear them. I laughed when they went over the policies during one of my faculty meetings...stating that we needed to discourage our students from wearing ripped jeans to school!! Hmmmm....hypocritical, much!?! How could I get after them....when that's what I wear on the weekends??
I am sure I will grow out of it one day....and I really don't think it's stylin' when little girls are sporting that look! So - the solution to holes in kiddo pants....caught my eye! U Create found this on Koala Brains. Seriously, she finds the COOLEST ideas! Thanks, girly!

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Kari said...

Hey thanks! It's just a fun addiction I have.