Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peanut Butter?? Not just for PBJ's....

I made homemade potpourri this year as part of our Christmas present to all of the married couples in our families.  I bought a few spices at Trader Joe's and I LOVED the shape & style of the jars!!  They were the perfect size for storing some of my scrapbooking supplies....BUT they all had labels on them!

I soaked them in hot water, and a lot of the paper came off....but not the sticky stuff...

I then washed them multiple times in the dishwater....


Finally, I googled it...and found ALL SORTS OF IDEAS!!

The only supply we actually had (outta the MULTIPLE great ideas) was peanut butter!

....SooooOOOooo....I smeared it all over the jars......

...my husband was in awe....

Actually, his exact words were, "I hope this works...that could make a LOT of peanut butter sandwiches!"


I let it sit for two days...JUST in case....cuz, ya know, I was at my WITS end!

....and WA-LAH....

No more stickiness!!

Now, I need to get them decorated and then FILL them with my scrapbooking supplies!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentine Date

I posted my FIRST date on "The Dating Divas" blog....a place where my friends and I share the creative dates we take our hottie husbands on!  :)  

Click here for the date I surprised my husband with...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The SURPRISE Is Revealed!!

Ok...ok....so I can FINALLY tell ya all what my girlz and I have been working on!

After marriage....we all think that since we MARRIED our Prince Charming....than of course we are all going to live HAPPILY ever after...RIGHT!!

Things get crazy and life never seems to slow down! I found that although I love my husband even MORE than when we got married (...if that is even possible...) we were slacking in the dating department!!

I came up with a plan...and got a bunch of my amazing friends to join in.....and we created a blog called:

We will be posting a BRAND new creative date every week! We are all taking turns....and we will also be sharing fun gift ideas we do, success stories, marriage tips, etc. I also gathered all of our love stories together and I will be highlighting a love story each month.

OH - and I am also super proud of this project because I really wanted this blog to reflect a FUN girly vibe...and I couldn't find a blog layout that I LOVED.....so I decided to learn HOW to create a blog layout...and I actually designed it myself! I feel like I have been to a website design school for the past three weeks...but it's definitely worth it!

This craft blog and my personal blog will be getting makeovers next! :)

Click HERE to go to our "Date Blog."