Sunday, October 18, 2009


Seriously flattered!! I am trying to keep sane juggling my new life in Vegas...thus my posting has become a little more sporatic....YET I am STILL feeling the love from you "love-lies" readers!! Thank you SOOOO much!!

Heidi from Craft Monkey gave me the "Honest Scrap" Award above. She is quite the do-it-yerself gal! Check out her blog..and THANKS, Heidi!!

Rules for the "Honest Scrap" Award:

1. Say "THANKS" & give a link to the presenter of the award.
2. Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.
3. Present this award to 5 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4. Tell those 5 people they've been awarded the "HONEST SCRAP" and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

OooooOOO!! Are you SURE you want to keep reading?? Ummmm...this COULD get a little embarrassing!! {WINK!}

Here goes...

"10 Honest Things About Me"

1. I am deathly afraid of chiropractors!! No joke! It all
stems back to my FIRST trip to a chiropractic office...when I was still in Elementary School. It was an EMBARRASSING experience and only my mom, my BFF - Kiirst, and my husband will ever know what occurred during that visit....but I swear my face stayed red for at least a DAY afterwards!! :) ...sorry, that's as honest I can be about this one....

2. WHY did I have to go to a chiropractor in 5th grade?? Well, I used to play basketball when I was younger and during one game, as I was jumping in the air (pulling my Michael Jordan moves) going for my two-pointer....a large and very MEAN girl body-slammed me!! She hit me so hard that she dislocated a disc in my back AND temporarily paralyzed me. That was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life! My coach & my mom carried me into the hallway and while my coach ran back inside the gym to calm the team mom sat with me while the feeling returned to my legs. I still remember the pain as I had to do physical therapy each night to relieve the pain in my back. I still have back problems to this day!

3. I have a little bit of a rebellious streak in me! In college, some friends and I snuck into a HUGE lodge and camped out over a weekend. Some guys we knew had found the lodge while camping during the summer....and when we heard about it....we decided to turn it into a trip one SNOWY winter weekend. (We later found out that it was a retreat lodge for Girl's Camp...) What crazy things we do when we first leave home!! But, I still remember it as one of my most FAVORITE college memories! ...sliding down the hill on make-shift sleds, playing sardines in the dark, watching a scary movie with the projector we brought, cooking pancakes & bacon in the morning, jumping on all the mattresses, playing steamroller.....

4. I am SUCH a klutz!! I have a new bruise every day...and I can never remember where they came from!! Just last week, I was talking to my friend on the phone as I was walking thru our living room....instead of going around the coffee foot decided to go into it!! I ended up with a purple & black jammed toe!!

5. We are thinking about starting our family soon and I am SOOOO nervous about having to work during the first few years of our kiddos lives....until Jamie finishes school! My amazing friend, Lisa, is a trooper...and now she has TWO little ones that she had to leave behind while she heads off to work. I am sure she will be my inspiration....I just hope I have enough energy, strength, and love to go around when my time comes...since I will have to share it with 28+ children during the day...and then my OWN at night!

6. I used to dance in college. I clogged and did ballroom! THEN - I learned how to country swing and line dance. LOOOOVVVEEE swing dancing!! I started going weekly when I graduated from college, my gal pals and I would all go. I loved it SO much that I began teaching my students a few of the moves. When my principal heard about what I was doing - she approached me about starting an afterschool dance program for the 5th & 6th graders. I was in charge of that program for the next three years until I married Jamie and moved a little further North.

7. I really, really, really, really don't like grading papers!! I think it is the LEAST fun thing about my job!! I cannot imagine being a High School English teacher OR worse...a College English Professor! Can you imagine reading AND grading all of those essays, stories, papers, etc?? YOu would have to LOVE editing!! I LOOOOVVVEEE teaching, but I don't like grading!

8. I am an utterly HOPELESS romantic!! I love all of those sappy chick flicks that make people cry! I love to listen to love songs, I love to dance with my sweetie, I love to read books that have happy endings, I love to date my husband, I am a sucker for flowers and love notes and poems, and I love to be SWEPT off my JAMIE!!:)

9. I WISH animals lived longer!! I adore our pets, Tanja - our gorgeous half tabby/half tortoise-shell cat & Jaxston - our playful & cuddly Yorkie Terrier. I BAWLED while watching the movie, "Marley & Me".....and I thought of our own dog while watching it! I just wish they lived as long as people!!

10. I am still scared of the dark! I have gotten a little better since I married Jamie...but I have witnessed a few freaky things in past years....and I just don't feel safe when I am alone...and in the dark. If I am ever at home at myself....Jamie will return to find that I have turned just about EVERY light in the house on! :) LOL! I would rather have a higher electric bill than have less lights on!

Passing This Award On To:

(If you have already received this award...don't worry about passing it on again, just BASK in knowing that you were chosen AGAIN!!)

1. NieNie - if you have not heard about her...check out her blog! She has greatly inspired me! I don't care if she doesn't pass the award on....I just want her to know that she is ONE amazing lady and she has touched my life!
2. So Lovely Creations - she is a dah-ling and extremely crafty do-it-yerself-er!!
3. Wonderfully Wordy - LOVE her personality and she has a GREAT vinyl business!
4. FlipFlops & Applesauce - LOVE her story of the process of adopting their adorable twin girls!
5. Trey & Lucy - I think she is the CUTEST gal with the CUTEST doesn't hurt that she's also quite crafty!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
I was given the "Kreativ Blogger" Award by Two Hearts Together. Thanks, girly!! I am so glad she gave this to me because now I know about her blog!!


1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

Seven things about myself that YOU may not know…as if I didn't already share TOO much above!!

1. I used to want 6 I think I will settle for 5! :)

2. I am SOOOOO addicted to chocolate.

3. I took a Hunter's Safety course when I was younger...and I USED to be decent at shooting a gun, but I am still afraid of them.

4. I am a terrible driver.....SHHhhhh.....don't let my husband know that I finally admitted it!

5. My classroom at school is SUPER-DUPER organized....but for some reason, I just CAN'T seem to hang up my clothes when I come home and change!?!

6. I am SOOOOO attracted to my husband...I fall in love with him MORE...the longer we are married!

7. I am terrible at returning phone calls! I am REALLY good at texting! :)

HERE are 7 AMAZING KREATIV BLOGGERS that I am awarding (in no specific order)!

(If you have already received this award...don't worry about passing it on again, just BASK in knowing that you were chosen AGAIN!!)

1. Mrs D. Lightful - she is a little bit of, fun, crafts, motherhood...

2. Be Different...Act Normal - LOVE the things she comes across and finds! I have pointed you in her direction several times before!

3. Little Miss Crafty Pants - this gal is SUPER talented! She's not only good at crafts, but she's a digi-scrapbooker, AND she has her own vinyl company. She is also SUPER knowledgeable about little gadgets that you can put on your blog!! In fact - she is designing a FUN "signature" for me to sign off with! Speaking of...I need to email her back!! :)

4. Design Dazzle - when I need to decorate a baby's room or need ideas for an upcoming shower....THIS is the blog I will go to! She has SOOOO many fun ideas!! Lovin' her blog!

5. Crafting Chicks - a few friends got together to create a blog where they share all of their AMAZING talents with the rest of us. LOVE their blog!!

6. Make It & Love It - another one of my fav spots to check when I need inspiration! Super crafty!

7. The Creative Crate - love her crafts AND she is located in Boise, Id...where I grew up!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gwen from The Evans Family gave me the "One Lovely Blog" Award. I am SUCH a slacker since she gave this to me quite a while ago...but I am still extremely humbled! I totally spaced passing it along...and then getting the two awards above....helped me to remember to pass THIS one along! Thanks again, Gwen!!

Rules for THIS award...a little simpler than the ones above...I need to pass this along to TEN other bloggers whom I have "newly discovered"....hmmmm.....

That will be a little tricky since I haven't been devoting as much time lately to blog browsing...but I am SURE I can think of a few of my more recent finds!

I would like to pass the award on to:
(If you have already received this award...don't worry about passing it on again, just BASK in knowing that you were chosen AGAIN!!)

1. Homemaking Fun - not a NEW find...but one that I need to send all of YOU to more often..she's GREAT!!
2. Ashley's Blog Layouts - this girlie creates blog layouts and SHARES them with us! How sweet!!
3. Fun & Creative Finds - she collects ideas....just like me...and has stumbled across a few that I haven't seen. FUN!

....uuummmm....those are the only NEW finds I I will have to "bow out gracefully" and only pass this award onto those three bloggers.

THANKS AGAIN for all the love!!! I SOOOOO appreciate it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Notebook For Any Occasion...

Capture the Moment is UNREAL when it comes to her scrapbookin' talents. Lovin' the mini-notebook that she posted about....AND all of the ideas/ways in which you can use it.

A PEEK inside...

It's pretty simple to make, she includes a couple downloads - including one that will enclose a thicker notebook pad....see pic below.....and with Christmas around the corner....this is a cute idea for homemade gifts!! Totally thinkin' neighbors or fellow teachers!!
Click HERE or HERE for her downloads....

THEN - her fellow scrappers came up with the following alternate ideas...

Ooohhhhh.....and that's NOT all.....and there are even MORE ideas on her website!
Check them out HERE!!