Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My St. Patty's Project..

So...I fell in LOVE with a piece of St. Patrick's Day scrapbooking paper. Yep, I know that sounds weird...but it's TRUE! I purchased the paper about a month and a half ago....and wanted to do something cute-sy with it. I decided to showcase it in our kitchen window....and put it in a frame. Here's the end result....AND it's not done. In the top left-hand corner, it's going to say, "KISS ME" in white....and in a whispy font....it will say "I'm Irish" in GREEN on top of that...vinyl, of course!
Here's a closer shot at the scrapbooked part. My favorite paper is the one in the background..oooohhhhh! Super cute! And yep....another wedding photo! Aaauugghh! I need to get all the NEW pics on our camera developed! Sighhhh....well, I still FEEL like a newlywed...if that counts?!? I will post another craft I did tomorrow....

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crazigirl80 said...

Did you have the 30 sucks idea on your blog? I thought it was you and I can't find it! Thanks!!