Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MIA?!? Yep, That's ME!!

I know, I know...I have been Missing In Action for a while. Kinda missed my daily keyboarding therapy!! We have been crazy-busy trying to get our home ready for potential buyers to walk through. Ugh! Stranger walking through MY home! Sounds delightful!! I may have to post a pic of our house...I bet you would ALL fall in love wid it! I have to admit....we did a dang good job picking everything out....when building!! But - time to move on....

In the meantime, here is my latest craft...which we will be making at our next Craft Club night! Isn't my hubby SUPER cute!! Yep, I agree! I have been antsy wanting to do this craft. Hope ya'll like it!
And NO....it's not for Valentine's Day...{{GASP!!}}...this matches the color scheme in our Living Room....which I absolutely LOVE after our l'il makeover! I substituted the hearts for a big flower on another frame I have...and it looks just as cute!!
I am going to add a vinyl saying in white....to put in the top left-hand corner that says, "LOVE"...and then there will be a wispy font in dark red vinyl going across it that will say, "Always & Forever." It's ordered.....YEA!!

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Kajsa Deigh said...

can you post the pic of your frame with the flowers? i wanna see how cute it turned out. since im doing one with my own colors