Saturday, January 30, 2010

My FIRST Freebie.....JUST 'Cuz I Luv Ya!!

As my friends & I have been working on our FABULOUS secret project...the suspense is KILLIN' ya, of them told me about the awesome blog called, "Love, Actually."

Where have I been and WHY did I not know about this gal?? I checked out her stuff and discovered a darling Valentine Countdown she did for her hubby! I loved the cute little ideas that she thought up as the "daily activities, etc." I quickly whipped up my OWN Countdown....and then I decided to email my pdf files out to all my girly friends who decided to help me out with my NEW secret project. I THEN thought....why not share it with all of my loyal readers?? So....wa-lah! There you have it!

Here's the FINAL project....after everything was assembled....and on the wall. Our wall is not's actually TAN....ya think I need a new camera?? {WINK} It's basically a countdown of CUTE things we will do together or for each other that day.

Someone was WATCHING me as I designed all of this on Photoshop!

Materials Needed:

-My downloads (See Below...)
-A cutting board (or scissors)

-Adhesive (I used Scrapbooking Tape)

-A hole punch

-Some pink or white ribbon
-Seven white envelopes (not the long ones) SIZED: 3 5/8 x 6 ½
-A cute puppy that will try to steal your ribbon….

He has to be in the middle of everything!!

Seal the envelopes & cut them in half like you see above...

I cut a tiny white border around my sign... (see the first pic)

Download Sign HERE!

Cut out the number cards...that you will be attaching to the front of the envelopes...

Download Number Cards HERE!

I made the cards that will go inside the envelopes....but since the gal from "Love, Actually" is selling her cards, I didn't feel right about offering that part for free. SO - you have three options:

#1) Go to her blog and purchase her darling cards for a great price HERE.

#2) Download my pdf file and then you can write on them - HERE.

#3) Download my word doc and then you can type in your stuff in word - HERE.

P.S. If you choose to download the word you can type in your own "daily to-do's" here are some HINTS! After opening the document, click on Insert (at the top) and then text box. Sometimes an annoying box automatically appears on your page, ignore it and draw a bow on the first blank card. (You do this by right-clicking on the mouse and then holding it down as you size your box.) NOW - here's the hint will find that the box is white and it covers up the lovely design of the can fix that by right-clicking on the box (it has to be on the line), when a new screen appears, click on Format Text Box. On THAT screen under the subtitle, "Fill" you will see the word, "Transparency"....and a slider bar next to it. Click on that bar and slide it ALL the way to the right. NOW - you will be able to see the design. Oh - and don't forget to change your "No Line." Click OK to save everything. Good Luck!

Cut out the cards, punch holes in the top, and tie the ribbon on. You are ALMOST done!! All you have left to do is TAPE it on your wall (I put it in our bedroom) and surprise your honey!!

Oh yeah...I LOVED Ms. Love Actually's I just typed up her ideas on my cards. One of them involves a word search....and of COURSE I had to "cute-si-fy" here's the download for that:

Valentine Word Search - click HERE!

Enjoy!! I am hoping to be posting about our SURPRISE on another week....check back the MONDAY before Valentine's Day.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ummm...TOO Cute NOT To Post... I am trying NOT to post cuz I am busy working on my secret project....BUT my cuz posted about this adorable shadow box and I LOVED IT!! I gave in and decided to hurry and store it in my "idea file" A.K.A. blog. By the way, my cute cuz started up her own "inspirational" place to store the ideas she likes. Check her out here.

K...about the adorable shadow box!! The Mama Dramalogues posted a mini-tutorial on how to make it. Maybe I am drawn in because it's PINK and for some reason, I am just becoming more and more in love with that color! ...and I'm lovin' the black accent pieces.

....alrighty now...back to work on my project!! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My NEW "Secret" Project...

I have been M.I.A. again....and it's because I am onto ANOTHER project. But THIS one is going to be a secret until it's ready to be revealed.....

I am SOOOO excited about this.
{{SQUEAL with delight!!}}

It's not a craft, but it's definately something that I think the majority of you will be interested in!

I recruited a BUNCH of my friends...and it will be "revealed" in three more weeks....JUST in time for Valentine's Day! You are all DYING to know what it is, huh!! Well....

...the picture above is the only hint I am going to leave you with....

...until then...

Lotsa Luv, Tara

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ring Around The Rose-ies...

I found this GREAT l'il blog that helps with meal planning!!
Hint: Click on the name above...not the cool graphic below....

...two sister-in-laws...and BFF's....joined forces to create a meal-planning system that I just may have to try. PLUS....they have a YUMMY fudge recipe that my husband happened to see as I was browsing thru the blog....and now he is craving fudge! :)

Check those gals OUT!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our FAV Present We Did This Year!

Homemade Christmas Post #8:

Jamie & I wanted to do something really special for our parents for Christmas this year...and we were SO pleased with the results! I got the idea from another blogger....which I highlighted HERE. We made these presents from SCRATCH!!

We decided to spell "Mother" and "Father" for my parents....since there are SIX kids (six letters...) and "Mom" and "Dad" for his parents since they have three kids in their family.

We purchased the letters at Michael's...and made (with cardboard and spray paint) the letters they didn't have in stock. Then - over the Thanksgiving Break...we took pics of our brothers & sisters with the letters...

My brothers & sisters...

We then found a local guy who has a wood-working shop & had him cut some boards for us and cut out a design around the edges. (One day, I would LOVE to own all of those tools that he had!! For now....good 'ole Mike will be our "wood guy".)

I photoshopped the pics...with my ever-expanding photoshopping skills...(if you are a pro - do NOT laugh!!) and printed the final products at Costco.

We painted, sanded, and stained the boards....and then modge-podged the picture....
Here is my mom with hers...

My dad with his....

LOVED how the "mom" & "dad" turned out!! These are Jamie's siblings.
(We put the spouses in....of course!!)

Final I need a NEW camera or what?? They look YELLOW!!

Jamie's parents with their presents. This was our FIFTH pic of them...they kept laughing and his dad kept covering his face...

They seriously looked amazing and when we are done with OUR family....I am SO doing this for Jamie!

HINT: If you do this...make sure NO ONE is wearing white! That is our only regret....but we still loved it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Present for My Dreamer...

Homemade Christmas Post #7:

Those of you who have been faithful readers....know that my hubby decided to go back to school to become a Teaching Golf Pro. We moved from the four seasons of Utah to Sin City he can go thru UNLV's Golf Program. We gave up our friends, family, beautiful home (that we built together), huge yard, awesome neighborhood & neighbors, and amazing ward so he could follow his dreams.

...and ya know...I would do it ALL over again!!

I knew early on that my passion was to teach....and I was able to accomplish those goals long ago. It was HIS turn and although I want more than anything to be a stay-at-home mom....I am glad I am able to work right now to support his decision to go back to school and I am SOOOOO proud of him!

We had this GREAT picture frame (that I found a KILLER deal on, of course...) and I had the BEST idea on what to do for Jamie for Christmas...

I searched for meaningful quotes on following your dreams....and I found the perfect one!

I was SOOOOOO excited to give it to him! I seriously get MORE excited about giving people presents than I do about receiving them!

It's now hanging in our bedroom as a reminder that dreams CAN come true!

LOVE you, babe!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Perfect RM Present...

Homemade Christmas Post #6:

The youngest in my family, my brother - Brady, recently returned home from his two-year church mission to Mexico. I am the ONLY one (out of six kids) in our family who DIDN'T serve a mission. Crazy, huh! I think Brady was the most faithful "letter-writer" out of all the siblings! He diligently wrote a letter home EVERY single week!

His letters became a little more difficult to read as he learned Spanish....and started mixing up his English and Spanish...while writing these letters. We often had to try to guess on what he was trying to say. :)

Jamie & I decided to put all of his letters into Word format, add the date, fix all of the mistakes, put all of the letters in sheet protectors.....and present it to him as a Christmas present. Since he shared a TON of amazing experiences in his's kinda like a journal.
I scrapbooked a cover and the title for the spine...

Jamie (my husband) was SUCH a great help when it came to helping with editing the letters...and getting them organized into the correct order...

He loved it....and WE loved rereading all of his humorous and spiritually uplifting stories! Win-win situation!!

P.S. He is ALSO single....and attending BYU in Provo, UT. You can tell yer l'il sistas & family members about HIM as well. {WINK}

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blocks For My "Teacher" Sis...

Homemade Christmas Post #5:

My l'il sis, Ashley, is a school counselor & I thought it would be fun to help her decorate her office!! They turned out adorable! There is supposed to be vinyl on the black block that says, " cool!!" AND there will be vinyl that says "No.2" on the pencil...but I ordered it from my fav vinyl gal....and it wasn't the right size. (My bad!!)

Here are some UP-CLOSE pics of the letters....

My CUTE l'il sis after opening them....

I have a set for myself, too!! I need to get on it! My classroom is needing that extra touch!

Friday, January 8, 2010

MORE Fab Frames!

Homemade Christmas Post #4:

THIS was one of my favorite presents! I wanted to keep it! (I know, I know...that thought only lasted for a moment....or two....)

Jamie's sister, Jen, was married a year after us, and I had her send us the "color scheme" of their home....and this is what I came up with...

I have made a few of these before.....but I LOVED the dark inking around the edges of the cream frame....I have to give the credit to Jamie! He thought it needed to be a little more dramatic...and he was right!

An "up-close & personal" of the scrapbooked section...

The couple themselves!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

PiCtUrEs GaLoRe...

Homemade Christmas Post #3:

Jamie & I found KILLER deals on some frames at Michael's during their "Black Friday" sale...and they were PERFECT for what we wanted to do for his brother, Josh, and one of my little brothers - Shaylor!

Originally we wanted to have the quotes on vellum paper on top of the pictures....but it was REALLY hard to see the pics, so I ended up "scrapbooking" the quotes above and below each of the pictures and they turned out great.

Here is Josh with the picture of Christ.....and a quote that Jamie picked out.

My l' brother, Shaylor, is the MOST adventurous person in our family! He is becoming QUITE the avid rock climber....OH....and he's single (and at BYU-Idaho)...tell all of your little sisters!

We thought a picture of him rock climbing...combined with one of his favorite quotes....would be a GREAT present. (Quote: "People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.")

Here he is with his present.....isn't he a CUTIE!! He's pretty tall, too....spread the word to the l'il sistas! Oh - and he's a RM!! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Totally RAD Tile!

Homemade Christmas Post #2:

I have a HUGE tile like this in our bedroom...and my sis-in-law, Holly, admired it out loud one day. ...she doesn't seem to remember that....but she did! :) I decided to make this their Christmas present. When you get only get ONE present! :) Darn, huh!

My older bro, Jerek & his bride. Thanks for being such GOOD sports & taking this pic! We crashed at their place in Boise, and we kept them up late (playing games) almost every night! Go "Bean" Game...."I'll trade you two chili beans for your cocoa bean..."