Friday, June 19, 2009

STILL Need Father's Day Ideas??

If you STILL don't know what you would like to do for Father's Day...then Tip Junkie usually comes to the rescue. I picked out my FAVORITE ideas from her keep in mind for FUTURE years for ME!! I hope this helps! I love the above photo montage...there is an even CUTER "Dad" one she put together HERE.
An EXPLOSION Box...unfortunately, they are charging for this "kit"....but I found a GREAT tutorial HERE.

OOohhh!! Isn't this card CUTE!! I love the shirt! The step-by-step tutorial on HOW to make this shirt is HERE.

...and then for the "WORKING MAN" is another idea for a crad. The tutorial is not a detailed, but HEY...we are just glad she shared some of her secrets! Here is a brief explanation of how she made the card above and HERE is a little bit more in depth look at HOW she did it.

This one is a CUTE toolbox with a card that goes with it for the "Hands-On" guy. Go HERE for some more info on this one.

And last of all...the gifts that come from the heart!! You can find these free print outs on Executive Homemaker. Make the man in your life a Coupon Book! He will LOVE it!

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