Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party of ALL Parties!!

Tip Junkie posted about a party that ADULTS threw...and it sounded like SOOO much fun! It was a "grown-up" scavenger hunt!! My husband's birthday is next month and this got me SOOO excited to plan something like this!! A few of the activities included sliding down concrete slides on cardboard...

...they collected a NEW clue at each stop...

...and it all ended in a HUGE "Color Fight."

SOOOO much fun!!
**EDITED TO SAY: A reader brought to my attention that Holi Colors (which is what they used in the color fight above) is bad for both our skin AND the environment. I checked it out...and she's right! I had never even heard of Holi Colors until I read about the above scavenger hunt on Tip Junkie. SO - here are some alternative solutions! There are ways to make your OWN environmentally safe Holi Colors - from plants....there are recipes all over the Internet. They used to make it naturally, but eventually companies started adding harmful chemicals in. OR - when I was in High School....for an activity before one of the dances....we all put on white T-Shirts & we each had a super soaker filled with a different color of water.....and we had a COLORED water fight! It was SOOOOO much fun and we had pretty cool tie-dyed shirts to wear! Warning - it may also dye your skin! Tee, hee!

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Jonathan and Cheri said...

Holi Colors are toxic to people and the environment:
That link has ideas how to make it safe =) Love your blog!