Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Personalize YOUR Yahtzee!!

I laughed when I saw this idea!! First of all, Jamie (my husband)...and his family are DIE-HARD Yahtzee-lovers! They introduced me to the game and now I love it!! I can't imagine "tossing" these huge cubes, though! I think it's a spectacular idea...but one that I would probably modify to make the cubes/dice smaller. SUPER creative!! U Create found this idea on The Thrify Chick. She has a GREAT tutorial and the link to download the actual Yahtzee Score Cards are HERE!
BUT - be sure to go to The Thrify Chick's blog to check out how she put this all together. I was impressed after I read over it!! Have fun! I MAY just have to make this for his family for Christmas!!

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