Sunday, June 14, 2009

MORE Teacher Gift Ideas...

LOVE The Creative Homemaker's Blog!! She posted a couple of FAB teacher gift ideas...starting with the above pic & gift card. Hmmmm....I wonder if you can figure out what the gift card is for!?!

THEN - she found this idea on Everything Is Pink. I have seen this idea circulating around and in fact, a teacher I work with actually got THIS as a gift this year! Who wouldn't LOVE money!?! BUT - I think the best part of the writing that goes inside....check out THIS link (scroll down a little) for more details on WHAT it is and how to make it. THIS gal also made this gift and she REALLY goes into detail on how to make it! I loved her ideas!!

Oooohhhh!! A little look inside!

Another "take" on how to dress up the outside!

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