Saturday, January 30, 2010

My FIRST Freebie.....JUST 'Cuz I Luv Ya!!

As my friends & I have been working on our FABULOUS secret project...the suspense is KILLIN' ya, of them told me about the awesome blog called, "Love, Actually."

Where have I been and WHY did I not know about this gal?? I checked out her stuff and discovered a darling Valentine Countdown she did for her hubby! I loved the cute little ideas that she thought up as the "daily activities, etc." I quickly whipped up my OWN Countdown....and then I decided to email my pdf files out to all my girly friends who decided to help me out with my NEW secret project. I THEN thought....why not share it with all of my loyal readers?? So....wa-lah! There you have it!

Here's the FINAL project....after everything was assembled....and on the wall. Our wall is not's actually TAN....ya think I need a new camera?? {WINK} It's basically a countdown of CUTE things we will do together or for each other that day.

Someone was WATCHING me as I designed all of this on Photoshop!

Materials Needed:

-My downloads (See Below...)
-A cutting board (or scissors)

-Adhesive (I used Scrapbooking Tape)

-A hole punch

-Some pink or white ribbon
-Seven white envelopes (not the long ones) SIZED: 3 5/8 x 6 ½
-A cute puppy that will try to steal your ribbon….

He has to be in the middle of everything!!

Seal the envelopes & cut them in half like you see above...

I cut a tiny white border around my sign... (see the first pic)

Download Sign HERE!

Cut out the number cards...that you will be attaching to the front of the envelopes...

Download Number Cards HERE!

I made the cards that will go inside the envelopes....but since the gal from "Love, Actually" is selling her cards, I didn't feel right about offering that part for free. SO - you have three options:

#1) Go to her blog and purchase her darling cards for a great price HERE.

#2) Download my pdf file and then you can write on them - HERE.

#3) Download my word doc and then you can type in your stuff in word - HERE.

P.S. If you choose to download the word you can type in your own "daily to-do's" here are some HINTS! After opening the document, click on Insert (at the top) and then text box. Sometimes an annoying box automatically appears on your page, ignore it and draw a bow on the first blank card. (You do this by right-clicking on the mouse and then holding it down as you size your box.) NOW - here's the hint will find that the box is white and it covers up the lovely design of the can fix that by right-clicking on the box (it has to be on the line), when a new screen appears, click on Format Text Box. On THAT screen under the subtitle, "Fill" you will see the word, "Transparency"....and a slider bar next to it. Click on that bar and slide it ALL the way to the right. NOW - you will be able to see the design. Oh - and don't forget to change your "No Line." Click OK to save everything. Good Luck!

Cut out the cards, punch holes in the top, and tie the ribbon on. You are ALMOST done!! All you have left to do is TAPE it on your wall (I put it in our bedroom) and surprise your honey!!

Oh yeah...I LOVED Ms. Love Actually's I just typed up her ideas on my cards. One of them involves a word search....and of COURSE I had to "cute-si-fy" here's the download for that:

Valentine Word Search - click HERE!

Enjoy!! I am hoping to be posting about our SURPRISE on another week....check back the MONDAY before Valentine's Day.....


Crafts and Deals said...

Thanks for sharing this is SO cute!!

Genevieve said...

i am actually working on making of these right now as i was scanning through my google reader!! thanks for sharing all of your downloads :)

Brenda said...

That is WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing!

Scrappy Gifts said...

Thanks for sharing that! I love her blog too!

The Faveros said...

I love this idea- I am going to get right on it !!!

Cher said...

Hi! I'm glad to see someone using my ideas! love how yours turned out! (thank you for respecting that I'm selling the digital kit for this project--much appreciated!) Hope your countdown starts your valentine's off right!