Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Shop-A-Licious Tradition

I saw this tradition on "Over the Tipsy Top Design" blog. LOVED it!! Here's what she said:

"For almost 20 years my mom and her three best friends have taken their daughters the weekend before Thanksgiving shopping together. For some of us it is the only time of year we see each other and we now anticipate it all year long!!! I have had many girlfriends copy this tradition with their sisters and friends. We start first thing Friday morning, then we all meet Friday night at the Hotel for food, matching pajamas, games, and memorable mom entertainment!! Somehow over the years the production the moms create gets better and better. This year it was Dancing with the Stars and the Dads made a guest appearance!! Sister-in-laws are always included and granddaughters are initiated into the group at 12 years old. We have about four granddaughters now, who were inducted by candle light and shopping cash from grandmas. It is a tradition that all the granddaughters anticipate and look forward to.
This is a tradition that will make memories for a lifetime. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Find the time to make these memories, it is worth the effort!!!"

Isn't that touching! I know it's SHOPPING....but it can also be bonding time.

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