Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shhhhh....It's SUNDAY!!

Growing siblings & I were taught that Sunday was a day of REST! We refrained from any crazy activities (wrestling, water fights, etc.), we did not run errands, nor did we go shopping, we didn't watch TV, we did not do our homework...YES - that can get kinda crazy.....(we would finish it beforehand) ...and I am sure you get the picture. Some might say that's boring...but I really can't say that thought ever crossed my mind. I remember having heart-to-heart chats with my mom, writing in my journal, sitting in the sun (with a kitten on my lap) reading my scriptures, listening to AND teaching Christ-centered lessons during our family meetings. Sundays were PEACEFUL!

I saw this idea on this blog.....who found it on Homemaking Fun's blog. We don't have any children yet - but when we do....I want them to have the same wonderful experiences that I did when Sunday rolled around. I really appreciated this idea because it is teaching children to keep the Sabbath Day holy. I am sure this idea will help a lot of stressed out mothers....good luck, ya'll!!

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Lyndsey,Chance,Parker and Elley said...

what a cute idea - i am going to try this for some friends :) and how fun that you have craft night with your friends ( i read that in an earlier post) I would love to try and get some friends together to do that same thing - thanks for all the fun stuff!!!