Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Digi-Scrapbookin' Download!

Ya LIKE!?! Little Miss Crafty Pants created the FREE...yep, i said FREE digi-scrapbook layouts & embellishments for all of us to download! What a sweetheart. She's calling it a "belated present"...since Mother's Day WAS a week be sure to take advantage of her wonderful present..and click on her name above. Make sure to write her a SWEET comment...thanking her! I love it when people are so willing to share with others...and I think they should KNOW how much we all appreciate it!
Seriously...I am LOVIN' digi-scrapbooking! I was rather hesitant about getting into it...because I thought the learning curve would take ME forever! Here's what I did...Shabby Princess is a WONDERFUL site that has free tutorials! I just opened up my Adobe Photoshop Elements program....opened up the right Shabby Princess tutorial...and flipped back & forth....and I LEARNED in ONE HOUR!! Yes...ladies & CAN be done! Good luck...and may you ALL fall in love with online scrapbookin'....just as I did!

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