Sunday, March 14, 2010



(My husband and I LOVE that commercial where the baby says, "Milk-a-WHAT?" cracks us up everytime..  Have any of you seen that one??)  

ANYWAY - I have recently fallen in LOVE with the website:

...Which is where I went for a LOT of help on my blog makeover AND where I found her helpful pics and instructions on how to make a rag quilt

Here is the first quilt she made...with PICS of her and her honey on it!

Here's her second one...

I have seen these everywhere and it's usually for babies....such as baby shower presents....BUT Amanda made one for her living room and I'm liking that idea!!

The blanket WE curl up under when we watch pretty hideous!  It was a homemade wedding present...made with love.....and SUPER comfy which is why we have kept it.....but's just SO not pleasant to look at!!  :)

Click HERE to get her FAB pics, hints, and directions.

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Hall Family said...

I found your blog while looking for some Crafts to make. You have the CUTEST blog and CRAFTS! What a great inspiration! I would love to have a set or 2 of your SPRING blocks from last year. Let me know if this would be possible.(unfinished wood). Thanks so much! Elisa