Saturday, March 6, 2010

Potty Trainin' Chart....OH and HELP NEEDED!

My cuz, Charlene made the CUTEST Potty Training Chart for her little girl....and I just HAD to showcase it!!  Isn't it adorable!?!

Another look at it...I love the "Growing Up" sign!!  
My cuz has SUCH an eye for things!  Thanks Char for letting me post this!!

NOW - here's where the "help needed" part comes in. {LOL}  
She is at a loss for what actually WORKS!!  She found three great books about Potty Training in a Day....but she doesn't know which one to use or what would help her to help her l'il girl.  

I know there are some AMAZING moms who read this blog and I am hoping you guys might have some FAB suggestions that I can pass along to her.  What worked for you??


Lara said...

For me, I just got rid of every diaper in the whole house. Once my son was ready and the diapers were gone we went for it! Yes there were accidents. Yes I went through ALOT of underwear, but he was potty trained in a week, never wore a pull up and never wet the bed at night!

Tell her good luck, every child is different, what helped me might not help her.

Poulsen Family said...

I've learned a lot from my three kids about potty training...the biggest is that each child is different and some things will work and others won't. So that being said here is my advice...start slowly and move it into her routine. For example, if she notices that her daughter wakes up dry but voids sometime soon after, try to get her on the toilet before she voids. Or, she gives her a bath each night at a certain time, then place her on the toilet before bath for a little bit. Start with once a day for a few minutes and then slowly add more...before nap or after lunch etc. The biggest hurdle to get over with my first daughter was actually voiding into the toilet...once she finally did it (accidentally after lunch one day when we were just doing out toilet time) I praised her LOTS and after that it was simple. My second figured it out pretty much because she had two older siblings. My son was the hardest..mostly cause he was the first and I had more expectations and cause he never wanted to stop what he was doing to go...nothing on his bottom was what finally worked for him. K, sorry for the novel..but really my biggest suggestion is to not have expectations and if she doesn't get it, try again later when she seems ready again. She won't be wearing diapers forever I promise.

Brenda said...

Don't use pull ups, they are too much like a diaper.

Reward charts are GREAT! Give a lot of positive reinformcement!

I think girls are easier then boys!

Stay at home if you can the first week and remind her consistantly through out the day.

so true that kids are on their own time machine when they are ready. Each child is different.

If your child is waking up dry from the night-that is a good sign that he/she is ready.

Best of LUCK!
The chart is adorable, thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

Once my 3 year old started showing interest in potty training, we followed our in home daycare moms lead. She suggested we set the timer on the microwave for 30 mins. Each time it went off, she would go and sit on the potty. Then she would get to reset the timer. Eventually she started "going" on the potty and once she "got it" she asked to stop using the timer. We also put food coloring in the potty to see it change colors and she went pee pee. I didnt use pull ups either. Be patient, she will get it. Oh, and letting her pick out really cute panties helped too. Hugs, Tara

Gwen said...

The thing that worked for me was to just put them in undies and then deal with the mess. Honestly, my kids had it "figured out" by the end of the first day, made it through the night and then just had occasional accidents after that. You have to watch them every second until they get it though.