Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CrEaTiVe cRaTeS...

I should NOT be posting right now....in fact...I REALLY should be typing up my lesson plans for the rest of the week! Aaaauuugghhh!! I wasn't going to post for another week...we haven't even finished unpacking our house...but I just HAD to wander onto a few other craft blogs....and U Create had posted this DAH-LING idea that she found on Laura Gunn's blog. I don't think ANYONE could even guess how many of these crates I own! It's shameful! But, hey! My excuse is that I am a school teacher......it's a pretty valid one!!

Wouldn't you just LOVE to know how to turn a NORMAL & BORING crate into something FUN like the one below??

Click HERE to get her FABULOUS tutorial! Yeeeaaaaahhhh.....it feels GOOD to be back! BUT.....now I need to get on those lesson plans....and unpack a few more boxes....OH....and make dinner?? Nahh......just the first two! Tee, hee!!


Love Lorri said...

well I am glad your back even if it is just a little bit here and there!

Denisse said...

those are adorable!!!! i will seriously consider making a few of these!

good luck unpacking!