Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yep...Cards From A Procrastinator!!

Remember the 42 cards I was supposed to make for the Card Exchange?? Well, picture ME...laying flat on my back in pain right next to the cutting board (after hunching over for a few HOURS...putting the cards together)...and you have the picture!
They weren't even very hard..just TIME-consuming because there were so many! I was originally going to ink them all...but lost the desire with it being so last minute...I am glad I DIDN'T because the quality of the OTHER cards were not so hot!

SO - here is a blurry (SERIOUSLY - need new camera nooooowww!!) pic of an inked one that I am keeping. Simple, yet my biased opinion! {{WINK!}}

(I know, I know...all you scrapbookers out there are thinkin' of a million things you could've done to spice it up....remember....42 of them....AND you are an emotional wreck...cuz Mama Nature has come a knockin'...OH - did I forget to mention that part??)

Ya'll love it, huh! Just say you'll make me feel better!

It was the best I could do at 10:00 the night before! I SOOOO know how to procrastinate in style! :)

P.S. My AMAZING hubby helped me with them! ....after he came home from work with me falling to pieces (literally) in his arms! Yeah....that's true love, right there!


Luckiest Girl.... said...

WOW is all I have to say....I just found your blog and you have so many wonderful and creative ideas! Thank you for sharing them with all of us not so creative people!!! I will for sure be back!
Have a great day!!!

Mitzi said...

They really are darling!! I need to start a card club here. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

They turned out so cute. Sorry I probably didn't help your cause with the beadboard frame that night.