Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gorgeous Quilt Patterns!

If I were to get back into quilting (ya know, since I am SUCH a pro....after making TWO quilts...) ...then THIS would be the way to do it! U Create featured her, Thimble Blossoms, a while back and I am LOVIN' her patterns! Goodness gracious....who knew quilting could look

Ya LOVE it, too!! HUH!!


Kajsa Deigh said...

omg you have no clue how much this helps me. my mom got quilting frames for xmas and she is going to make me a quilt. but i couldnt find very cute patterns. you are a life saver!!!

Kari said...

I am making the Sassafrass quilt and it's way easier than it looks!! Camille's patterns rock!