Sunday, December 28, 2008

Next Year's Christmas Presents..

OK...this is probably SUPER funny that I am going to post about this...since a bunch of the gals in my neighborhood AND craft club read this blog....but you will now know what you are going to get for Christmas NEXT year! ....unless I find something I like even better! What a cute idea! Jamie & I were just mentioning how we are going to get SICK from all of the yummy food that is given to us by our wonderful neighbors & I really like this idea! I found it on the "30 Days" blog. She made the dough, scooped them into little balls, and put them in sealed plastic containers. She attached the label below...I will probably create my own with a little style and print on sticky labels...She then attached the cute poem above with the recipe below! So fun! All ya have to do is throw them in the oven for INSTANT homemade and HOT chocolate chip cookies! Mmmmm-MMMmm!!

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