Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Advent Countdown for KIDS!!

Since I am a teacher...I am a HUGE fan of reading AND books. PLUS - I am a HUGE reader myself! I love reading to kids and I love hearing them read. I get excited when a student gushes over his/her latest favorite part in the story they are reading and I love seeing the excitement in THEIR eyes when I introduce a new book to the class.

SO - you can imagine how excited I got when I stumbled upon this wonderful lady's Countdown that involves BOOKS and CRAFTS for the kids! She has 24 books you can read to your children with a craft that goes with each one! They are cute & fun crafts and I have already read many of the Christmas books she has posted...and she has picked wonderful books! You can find this here. Since December has already can look at all of the ones she has...pick your favorite 12 up at the local library, hit Roberts or Michael's on your way home, and start the 12 days of Christmas with your kids! Have fun!

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Kari said...

Cute blog. It looks like we share the same desire to find crafts on the web. :)