Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh... SO Sassy!! maybe I just want this whole outfit for MYSELF, boots and all! How ADORABLE!! This is exactly how I would be dressing my l'il girl...if I had one!! In the meantime, I am spreading the YOU can shower yer girl with this cuteness!!
I first saw this etsy shop "Oh So Sassy" on the blog, "Seriously So Blessed" when she was doing a giveaway....and FELL. IN. LOVE. These are my two fav outfits....and I am dying over the poses that the two girlies are strutting!!
Check out this shop...and if you actually order one...tell her you saw that I advertised for her...and that I will be wanting to order the above dresses in...OH....say...four years...and that she should totally give me a discount! Tee, hee.

NO! This is not an announcement, I am not preggers......yet....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"So Fresh & So Clean, CLEAN!!"

NannyGoat came up with a way to miraculously CLEAN her gas stove top grates. I am ALWAYS looking for ways/ideas to make life easier....and this SIMPLE way to clean 'de grates was one to bookmark!
The BEFORE & AFTER pics speak for themselves!! HOW did she do it?? So simple! She put them in a ziplocked baggie, sprayed some ammonia in there, sealed it, and let it sit overnight.

WA-LAAAHHH!! Gor-geous grates! This will come in handy since we now have a gas stove!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Frilly Frock....TOP!!

I TOLD you that Make It & Love It was one of my fav places to go to check out new ideas!! Just LOOK at what she created below!! She saw a JCREW shirt....and instead of drooling and wishing that she had the money to purchase it...she just MADE it for less than half the cost!
'De girlz got some TALENT!! Here is the link to check out her FAB tutorial on how she made the lovely shirt...
One of my friends completely despises the color brown....but I happen to LIKE it....thus, this shirt caught my eye! Tee, hee! Heaven forbid that she reads THIS post!! :)