Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fabric Flowers!

Design Dazzle highlighted a blog that posted a tutorial on how to make the love-ly fabric flower below. I can TOTALLY see this in a plethora of different colors on a headband on a little girl! (Big word, huh! Did I use it correctly? Oh...I'm the teacher?!? Hey....I teach Elementary.....)
But, hey! If you don't want to put it in your little girl's hair OR on your sweater OR on a FUN winter can alway use it as an embellishment on a pillow.
This pillow looks so dreamy to me!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

SOOOOO Stinkin' Cute!!

...OOoohhhhhoooo...and I mean STINKIN'!!

Seriously...these invites make me want to throw a Halloween Party...JUST so I can make them!! of our new friends in our new town has already taken on the role of hosting a FUN Halloween I can't add making these cards onto my already ENDLESS "To Do" list! (But...they would be worth it, huh!)
Heartland Paper posted this invite on their blog...WITH....drumroll please........

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wait...Is Father's Day OVER??

Bakerella did an adorable post on mini-burgers for Father's Day....that I posted about....and as I was browsing through Crafting Chick's blog...ya know...since I am STILL trying to catch up from my TWO-month break....I found that they had found another version:

How cute is the scrapbooked package, huh!! Click HERE to get her directions on how she made the ones above.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

MY Kind of Quiet Book....

WHY?? You may ask....cuz it's freakin' CUTE!!!! That's why! One day...when I make MY Quiet Book...I am definately looking back at HER blog for my ideas!

SERIOUSLY!! Check out the farm animal finger puppets! SUPER CUTE!!

I am just LOVIN' the button-ed on flowers...this SO reminds me of the one my mom made for us when we were little!

Is that pig not to DIE for!!

Click HERE, HERE, or HERE for her three posts on it....she ALSO lists a bunch of other links where you can get even MORE ideas!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jumbo Crayons....with a TWIST!!

Looks SOOOO could almost EAT them!! Oh, CAN eat them! Brooke over at Crafting Chicks posted about the edible crayons she made as a Back-to-School treat for her kiddos. I LOVE that she Photoshopped the wrappers with her kid's names on them! The lady's got talent! She used the instructions from THIS website.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Lamp...NEW Lamp....

One Fish....TWO fish...

Oops...that just kinda reminded me of a Dr. Suess book.... :)

SO - I found a tutorial on HOW to recover a lampshade. Now, the lampshade SHE recovered was a tube shape....I am still on the hunt for one that is more like the "normal" lampshade....CUZ that's what I need to to know for MY lamp makeover!! OR - would this tutorial work for the "norm" lamp??'s HER re-covered lamp with some CUTE fabric on it:

....and HERE is her tutorial!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scripture Tote....Anyone??

I thought this was appropriate for SUNDAY!! My hubby makes fun of MY scripture case....and rightly so! My grandmother gave it to me when I graduated from High School....this is the SAME Grandma who gave my l'il sis BRIGHT turquoise SCRIPTURES!! Yep, I am DUE to get/make a new scripture case!
Love The Creative Crate!! She stumbled across these adorable totes.....and since I am SUCH a girly-girl...I had to smile with GLEE when I saw the flowers!
She found the tutorial HERE...and then gave us MORE links to other totes...HERE and HERE!!
Make sure you give Ms. Creative Crate some LOVE for finding these!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Personal Blog...Is now pRiVaTe...

Hello Fellow Craft-sters!!

My Personal Blog is now private.....I know there were a few of you gals who asked to be added to the list of "ViEwErS".....but you forgot to leave your email addresses....THUS.....I could not add you! You can leave a comment below - WITH your email address...if ya still want "IN." Ya know...since it's SUCH a fab blog and all! Tee, hee.

I am hoping to update FIRST - my personal blog....and then SECOND - THIS craft blog....within the next week. Seriously, you think you have life all figured out....and then you get thrown a NEW curve ball!! I was thrown a HUGE one just yesterday....which might delay my blogging efforts, but I know every trial in our lives will only make us stronger! I better be freakin' SHE-RAH by the end of this year!! :)

Hopefully, I will have some FUN posts for you all soon!! Laters, Tara

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CrEaTiVe cRaTeS...

I should NOT be posting right fact...I REALLY should be typing up my lesson plans for the rest of the week! Aaaauuugghhh!! I wasn't going to post for another week...we haven't even finished unpacking our house...but I just HAD to wander onto a few other craft blogs....and U Create had posted this DAH-LING idea that she found on Laura Gunn's blog. I don't think ANYONE could even guess how many of these crates I own! It's shameful! But, hey! My excuse is that I am a school's a pretty valid one!!

Wouldn't you just LOVE to know how to turn a NORMAL & BORING crate into something FUN like the one below??

Click HERE to get her FABULOUS tutorial! feels GOOD to be back! I need to get on those lesson plans....and unpack a few more boxes....OH....and make dinner?? Nahh......just the first two! Tee, hee!!