Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yep....ladies &'s a BAG....not yer typical basket!?! Why did I love this idea?
Reason #1 - it's super duper cute
Reason #2 - I have a LOT of scrapbooking supplies
Reason #3 - it doesn't take long to fill this sucker up!!
We are still in the "newly-wed" phase...and we usually go to his parents house for Easter. (My fam lives in another state...SAD FACE!!) His mother spoils us rotten and we always get a HUGE Easter basket filled with delicious...and completely unhealthy treats....
We usually do baskets for each other as well....but then that's just MORE unhealthy treats! Grrr...we are really trying to change our eating I think I am going to make this l'il bag and fill it with a few YUMMY favorites of his....and then some sentimental items, notes, homemade coupons, etc. I found this on Adhering Thoughts...she's a very talented gal!

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