Sunday, December 5, 2010

JiNgLe ALL ThE wAy!!

In the mood for some JINGLE BELLS?? This is SUCH a dah-ling idea that Shanade posted on her blog....
She was even kind enough to explain HOW she did it!

If you make sure to leave her some LOVE!! These jingle bells remind me of the one(s) on Polar Express! LOVE THAT MOVIE!!

Christmas Cards & Shutters?!?

They TOTALLY go together!!  :)

I haven't quite found a way (that I absolutely LOVE) to display all of the Christmas Cards we get from our friends and family.  I once saw a wire wreath that was ADORABLE....that you place the cards in...unfortunately I didn't snap a pic!  

This idea is pretty awesome!

A Christmas Card Shutter Display

The gals at are pretty creative!

   Click HERE for the tutorial.

This MIGHT be the winning idea for us this year...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Ornaments...

Last year, Heartland Paper posted about these adorable homemade ornaments! I thought the star one would look AWESOME as decor on top of a present! They even gave us instructions....LOVELY, huh! Here are the links for the ribbon candy & vintage ball.